Excellence in customer service and operations is why Municipal Operations & Consulting, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing water and wastewater operations companies in Texas.

Municipal Operations & Consulting, Inc. is highly qualified to operate and manage your District’s facilities in compliance with Local, State and Federal requirements.

Our 240-plus professionals are responsible for over 100 contracts that encompass 67 wastewater treatment facilities, 110 water treatment facilities, 278 lift stations, and over 130,000 connections. MOC is committed to customer satisfaction for our Boards as well as their constituents. Additionally, we are heavily involved with the other District consultants and Regulatory Agencies to assure strict compliance with all rules and regulations.

We attribute much of our success to our unique approach to handling all of the requirements of your District: we focus on the people. We care about our customers, and have surrounded ourselves with key individuals that have helped us build this business and implement the ideas and values that have been the core of our business since the beginning.

MOC News

Is your district currently under drought restrictions?

Is your district currently under drought restrictions?

To conserve the available water supply and protect the integrity of water supply facilities, some of our districts have triggered drought contingency plans.. Read More →

Safety Alert

If someone comes to your door requesting a payment for your water account, please contact the proper authorities and report this immediately to.. Read More →

Algae bloom in Lake Houston causing changes in drinking water taste and smell

Lake Houston is currently experiencing a large algal bloom causing high MIB and Geosmin concentrations in districts that purchase treated surface water from.. Read More →

Our Services

Regulatory Compliance

Our highly-qualified staff helps to ensure your district meets local, state and federal requirements.

Utility System Consulting

Professional short- and long-term planning consulting services to support the operation and maintenance of the district’s systems.

Drinking Water System Management

Full-service water system management, including operation, maintenance and repair.

Storm Sewer Permit Management

Assistance in managing all permit requirements related to water quality for stormwater runoff.

District Inspection Services

Professional construction inspection, infrastructure standards administration and USA DigAlert mark out services (facility and pipe location).

Sanitary Sewer System Management

Full-service management of sanitary sewer systems, including operation, maintenance and repair.

24-Hour Customer Service

Round-the-clock emergency- and non-emergency response for customers in the districts we manage.

Detention Pond Management

Scheduled maintenance for your permitted detention or retention pond to ensure it remains in compliance with regulations.

Drinking Water System Management

Full-service utility management: reading water meters to billing and collection of water and sewer revenue.

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