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Why does my water taste or smell weird?

Lake Houston is currently experiencing a large algal bloom causing high MIB and Geosmin concentrations in districts that purchase treated surface water from The City of Houston.

MIB and Geosmin are organic compounds known to cause murky/musty odor, but they do not have any associated health effects. Customers in the following districts may be affected:

  • Sunbelt FWSD – Oakwilde Subdivision
  • Sunbelt FWSD – Northline Terrace Subdivision
  • Sunbelt FWSD – High Meadows Subdivision
  • Sunbelt FWSD – Woodland Oaks Subdivision,
  • SWEA Gardens Estates
  • Sequoia Improvement District
  • Pine Village PUD
  • Harris County MUD 96
  • Central Harris County Regional Water Authority (RWA)
  • NW Harris County MUD 30
  • Harris County MUD 104
  • Harris County MUD 367
  • Harris County MUD 383
  • Harris County MUD 48
  • Harris County MUD 200
  • Harris County MUD 205
  • Harris County MUD 399

If you are not in one of these districts, please call our customer support team at 281-367-5511 for assistance.

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