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How do I sign up for EyeOnWater?

Some of our districts have opted to provide access to EyeOneWater.

EyeOnWater will help you gain more control over your water usage. It connects to your water account, and allows you to see how much water you’re using and can even alert you to possible leaks on your property.

Watch this video for an overview of


To set up your EyeOnWater account…

You can access EyeOnWater through…

    • A browser: For best results, use the latest and next previous major releases of Google® Chrome, Microsoft® Edge™, Mozilla® Firefox®, Microsoft® Internet Explorer® (IE 11 only) or Apple® Safari®.
    • A smartphone app: EyeOnWater is available as a smartphone app for Android (7.0 and higher) and iOS (15.0 and higher).

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How can we improve this page?